To be a world class capital market Tribunal, that is fair and transparent, dispensing justice without fear or favor


To provide efficient resolution of capital market disputes with fairness, flexibility and transparency

Our Objective

Promote integrity and stability in the economy by providing reliable, expedient, flexible and affordable dispute resolutions for litigants

Our Core Values

  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Fast Track

Our Strengths

  • Specialised knowledge of securities law and capital market operations
  • Varied technical & professional skill of members
  • Expertise of members and professional support staff
  • Independence, flexibility and efficiency in settings disputes and
  • Unique case management approach

Our Strategy

The Tribunal combines the rule of law with the responsiveness, flexibility, speed and cost-effectiveness associated with the specialized courts and alternative dispute resolution systems. This is supported by its drive to make justice accessible to investors across Nigeria.



Investments & Securities Tribunal

The Investments & Securities Tribunal (IST) was established under section 274 of the Investment and Securities ACT (ISA) 2007

IST was constituted and formally inaugurated on 19th December, 2002 as part of the Federal Government’s key reform of the financial sector. It is a dedicated, specialised and fast-track civil court for the resolution of disputes arising from investments and securities transactions. These disputes are resolved in an accessible, flexible and cost-effective as well as efficient and transparent manner. The ISA 2007 stipulates that all matters before the Tribunal are to be disposed off within 90 days from date of hearing.



Annual Reports

IST Guide


IST Digest

Nigerian Investments & Securities Law Report

IST Brochure

FastTrack Journal

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